Recovery of Files after Factory Reset

Most of the computers come with certain preconfigured settings that really matters for the operation of your computer. This is especially applicable to laptops that usually come with special functional buttons. There may come occasions where you would have hit Reset button either it may be intentionally or unintentionally. Intentionally you would have hit the reset button because your computer might be stuck by virus or you are selling off your computer and do not want anyone else to access your personal data. But the problem arises when you do not backup your valuable files and folders before resetting the factory.

Here is real life scenario, illustrated to make you understand the situation in a better way. You did a factory reset in your laptop before giving it to one of your relatives. Before that you transferred all you personal folders and files to an external hard drive as a backup. Once the laptop was taken back to original factory settings, then you discovered that the files which you have saved in the external hard disk are actually the shortcut files!!! You tried hard enough to find those files and folders, but could not succeed!!! Losing those personal files all of sudden is hard to accept. You must be lost in deep thoughts whether you could ever get a chance to recover files after factory reset. Also, you might start posting on several blogs and forums searching out for a way to restore files after factory reset.

Don’t panic!!! The files lost after factory reset in your laptop are still recoverable. The files which are lost after factory reset are not permanently lost. Only the accesses to those files are removed due to factory reset operation. But, the files remain there in the hard drive of your laptop even after factory reset. What you can do for executing file recovery after factory reset is, use an efficient file recovery tool to recover files after factory reset.

Most of the time the factory reset is done when the system is stuck due to virus and does not respond for a long time. However, as said earlier the files lost due to this process can be easily recoverable using file recovery tool. But to restore files after factory reset successfully, you need to keep the hard drive of your computer unused after you have performed factory reset. This is because, if you keep on using the hard drive even after losing the files, then the lost files on the hard disk may get overwritten with the new files and makes file recovery after factory reset impossible, which means the files are permanently lost. Therefore, you need to be careful with the usage of hard drive of the computer until you recover files after factory reset completely. And, you should neither install any recovery tool on the affected hard disk nor defrag / reformat it. You can install the file recovery tool in a healthy computer's hard disk and connect the hard drive with lost files to it during file recovery after factory reset procedure is performed.

After considering all the above precautionary measures, you can execute a complete file recovery process using file recovery tool. This software is well built with advanced scanning algorithms which will allow you to retrieve files after factory reset. Sometimes, the hard disk may crash due to accidental factory reset. In such scenarios, this software can help you to recover files after crash. Files from the hard disk of your computer can also be lost after hard disk formatting. Hard drive can be formatted to get rid of virus attack or to change the file system. In all these cases, if you do not have proper data backup, then you will end up in losing important hard disk data. However, using file recovery tool you can easily recover files after disk format. Thus, adding all the features together file recovery tool proves to be the best choice to recover files after factory reset, formatting or corruption. It is a most effective recovery app which can recover files deleted after CHKDSK. For detailed information, just log on to:

Other than formatting and hard disk crash, files from hard drive of your computer can also be lost after using rm commands on Windows command prompt. Sometimes, the user may delete some important files from the computer by using rm commands. If your do not have backup of those iles, then also you can recover files after rm using file recovery tool. You can evaluate the effectiveness of this tool by using its demo version. It scans and recovers all the lost or deleted files within few couple of clicks. After recovering all the files, it allows you to preview the recovered files before saving them at your desired location.This software has separate installation available for both Windows and Mac operating system. It can recover deleted files from SD card, CFcard, MMC card, SDXC card, SDHC card, hard drive, memory card, external USB drive, FireWire drives and many more.

Note: This is one of the best known software to recover files from Trash on Mac after emptying it. The software is widely popular across the globe for its best results.

The steps which are required to use this software to recover files after factory reset are as follows:

Step-1: Download and install the demo version of file recovery tool into a healthy hard drive. Connect the affected hard drive to it. Upon successful launch of the software, select “Recover Files” option from the main screen. Then select “Recover Lost Files” from the next window to get back filest after factory reset.

File recovery after - Main Screen

Step-2: Now select the connected hard disk as the drive from which the lost files are to be restored and then click on “Next” option. The software will start to restore files after factory reset. On completion of file recovery process, you will get a detailed list of files recovered from the hard disk.

File recovery after - View Recovered Files

To avoid losing files in the future, always backup you important files. Before doing factory reset make sure that you have taken proper backup of the files you need. Avoid accidental selection of factory reset option in computer.

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