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You ended up in deleting the desktop content while trying to delete an unwanted folder from the desktop using rm command. You had some really important documents in the desktop content and you lost them due to your mistake. You tried to find the deleted files in the Recycle Bin folder, but could not locate them there also. Now you must be really disheartened and seeking serious guidance about how to get the files deleted using rm command. It won’t sound weird if you have assumed by this time that you have lost those files permanently and cannot be able to recover them ever.

Don’t be disheartened!!! Hold your patience. If you will come to know about the real matter then you may feel that all your worries and frustration were useless. This is because; the files deleted after using rm command are not permanently gone. They still remain intact to their original memory space in the hard drive even after being deleted and inaccessible to the user. Only the entries to the file directory are removed because of deletion due to which the operating system fails to locate it on the hard disk. However, the deleted files are recoverable until they are overwritten with some new files. Therefore, it is really important to recover the deleted files before they are overwritten. You can easily retrieve the deleted files using software like file recovery utility to restore files after rm. This utility is repeatedly reviewed and recommended by most of the Shareware experts which is why it is the perfect solution to your file loss problem. However, you need to keep the partition containing deleted files unused to avoid overwriting of the deleted files. This is because; the overwritten files can never be recovered using any recovery software.

The rm command is generally used to delete the entries for a particular File parameter from a directory. If the entry that is to be deleted is the last link to a file, then that file is deleted. If you do not have permission to write for a file, then you will be prompted with the file name whether you want to delete the file or not. If you type yes (i.e., y), then that file will get deleted. The file will not be deleted if you will type any other character other than y. For deleting a file you do not need read or write permission on a file. However, you can delete the directory files only when you have the write permission to it.

But the problem arises when you delete something important using the rm command. This is because; the files deleted using rm command, bypass the Recycle Bin folder which is why you cannot find them there. However, using file recovery utility, you can easily recover the files deleted after using rm command. This particular recovery utility, is not only applicable for rm command, this utility also enables you to know how to recover lost files after factory reset. Files can be lost by selecting factory reset option in your computer at that time when you did not backup your important files. As a result you will be losing access to the files which you have been saving in your hard disk since you are using it and which are really important to you. In such cases, this utility comes handy. Other than factory reset, disk formatting is another common reason to lose access to your precious files. Formatting the hard drive without taking enough data backup means, losing your precious files due to your own mistake. However, you can restore files from formatted drive using the file recovery utility in few minutes. This tool will scan the entire hard drive to locate and recover files lost after formatting.

This software can recover files not only from hard drive but also various other storage devices like external USB drives, FireWire drives, memory cards, pen drives etc. Another frequent file loss scenario faced by the users is file loss after computer crash. The system can be crashed due to various reasons like hardware or software incompatibility, operating system malfunction or frequent power failures. As a result all the files on your computer will be entirely inaccessible to the user. Under such situations, you can retrieve file after computer crashes by using file recovery utility. You can use the demo version of this software to check the recovery results as well as the software’s performance. If you are happy with it you can go for the full version as well. This tool is also capable to recover files from Trash after emptying within a fraction of seconds. Follow the given URL to know how:

The necessary steps to restore files deleted using rm commands are described as follows:

Step-1: Download and install the demo version of file recovery utility in the partition of your computer’s hard disk which doesn’t contain the deleted files. Upon successful launch of the recovery utility, select “Recover Files” from the main window. Then select “Recover Deleted Files” from the next screen to restore files deleted using rm command.

File recovery after - Main Screen

Step-2: Now select the appropriate logical partition from which the lost files are to be recovered and then click on “Next” option to start the deleted file recovery process. Once the file recovery process gets over, you will get a detailed list of the recovered files from the logical drive of your computer’s hard disk.

File recovery after - View Recovered Files

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