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Losing access to important files due to software or computer crash not only costs time and money but also leaves the user in a disgusting state. For better illustration consider a scenario, where you are working on your media project since last few weeks. Unfortunately your computer crashed at the moment when you were giving the finishing touch to your project!!! All you dedication and weeks of hard work vanished in few unlucky moments. Occurrence of such scenarios must have left in a frustrating state of mind and the things get worsen up when you do not even posses a proper backup file of the lost data.

Don’t be frustrated!!! You have still got the last chance to restore the files lost after computer crash. This is because; the files that are lost due to computer crash remains in their original place as usual. You can recover them using an effective utility like file recovery software to execute files recovery after crash until they are overwritten because; once the files are overwritten they become irrecoverable. Therefore, you need to stop worrying much and should act fast. To avoid overwriting of the lost files, you need to keep the hard drive of the crashed computer unused until you recover all the lost data from it.

However, you should be familiar with the reasons which are responsible for your computer crash before you get to know more about this file recovery software. Some of the leading reasons are explained below in details:

Corrupted System Registry files: The system registry contains files that are really required for the integrity and better performance of your computer. Sometimes, these files may get corrupted or misplaced after which the system loses its synchronization. If this happens, then the user may face PC crash.

Conflicting security software: The computer may crash, there are two conflicting software installed in it. Functioning of this software may affect the performance of the computer and can also make the operating system to crash. As a result, the computer may crash leading to severe file loss. This software also plays a major role to recover files after reinstalling Windows Vista very efficiently. For furhter details on recovery process, you are free to visit the link:

Faulty computer components: The computer crash is also interrelated with faulty system components. Your computer might have crashed due to malfunction of any of its external or internal components.

New Hardware or Software: Installation of new hard ware or software can also affect the performance of the computer resulting in computer crash. When you install any new software into your computer’ hard drive, sometimes it may not be compatible with the installed operating system. This could ultimately result in PC crash. Installing new hardware into your computer can often result in a hard ware conflict. This may lead to a complete system malfunction resulting in computer crash.

Any of the above scenarios can cause your computer crash. However, if you have proper data backup, you can easily restore the lost files from the backup file. In the absence of valid backup files, you can always opt for file recovery tool to recover files after crash. This utility is capable to carry out file recovery after shift delete operation simply be visiting here. This software is designed specifically to recover files deleted /lost from Windows and Mac OS X. Files can be lost by accidentally selecting reset button on your laptop. This will reset all your saved setting, files and folders and due to which you will lose access to the recently modified files. But it is not at all a difficult task for the file recovery tool to recover files after factory reset. It can easily restore the lost files after factory reset in few mouse click. Using this software you can easily retrieve data after system restore in couple of mouse clicks.

Other than factory reset the files from the hard drive of the computer can be lost due to disk format process. Sometimes, the file system of the hard drive may become RAW due to overheating frequent power failures. In such scenarios, when you will try to access the files in the hard disk, it will show you an error message indicating that the file system of the hard disk is not formatted and you will have t format it in order to access the files stored in it. In such scenarios you may lose all your files from the hard disk by clicking yes. However, you can use file recovery tool to recover files after disk format in such scenarios.

Files on Windows OS can be deleted using Del and rm commands in Windows command prompt. If you have deleted any important file using rm command then you cannot find it even in the Recycle Bin folder. In such case, only file recovery tool can help you out. It allows you to recover files after rm. You can check the efficiency of the software by using its demo version. The demo version will even allow you to see the files before actually saving them.

The step by step procedure to retrieve files after a computer crash is explained as follows:

Step 1: Remove the hard drive of the crashed computer and connect it to a healthy computer. Then, download and launch the demo version of file recovery software on that healthy computer’s hard drive. After launching the software, select “Recover Partition/Drive” option from the main screen and select “Volume recovery” after that to retrieve files lost after computer crash.

File recovery after - Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select the connected hard drive as the drive from which the files are to be restored and then select “Next” option to start the file recovery process. Once the recovery process is over, you can view the files recovered from the crashed hard disk along with all its details.

File recovery after - View Recovered Files

Backup your precious hard drive files regularly. Clean the Windows registry in regular intervals by using Windows registry cleaning program. Try to install hardware and software that are compatible with the system components as well as the installed OS.

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